Strawberries: health benefits and harms, the basics of proper eating. Can strawberries be given to nursing mothers and young children

Strawberries occupy a special place among other berries and fruits, since from late May to mid July it becomes a popular and widespread treat. Shop and market stalls offer you to buy a delicious treat, and gardeners and gardeners every day have the opportunity to collect a new crop. Saturated color, recognizable aroma, pleasant taste - these are all strawberries, the health benefits and harm of which often become a significant issue for parents, doctors, pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Foods that are best never to eat together

It is no secret that there are a number of incompatible products. For example, drinking herring milk, you can get an upset stomach. And in some cases, an unusual combination of different products can be very serious poisoning. Experts found out that there are a lot of products that are best not to use together.

How to cook pureed soup: new recipes first course. Recipes pureed soups with chicken, vegetables, mushrooms and cereals

Doctors propose to include in the diet mashed soups to anyone who has digestive problems and suffers from angina or bronchitis. Children (especially infants) such a dish gives a lot of vitamins and the way to the "adult" food. Cream soup is still useful and important for people who take care of themselves and their health. Pureed soups - general cooking principles You can use all kinds of vegetables (cabbage, broccoli, carrot, potatoes, leeks, zucchini and others), cereals, liver, veal, fish, chicken, goose, chicken. .

Shrimp spaghetti - a dish that Italians would love! The best recipes for spaghetti with shrimp and sauces for them

Just spaghetti is uninteresting and tasteless. To make such a simple product a masterpiece, it is prepared with seafood or meat products. Well, and where without sauce, because it is he who makes the taste of spaghetti interesting and original. Shrimp spaghetti - the basic principles of cooking Before you start cooking shrimp spaghetti, you need to choose the right ingredients.

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Why and how to pinch watermelons growing in your country house. What gives pinching a watermelon, how to perform this operation: 3 main ways of forming a watermelon whip

Some summer residents try to grow watermelons. The agricultural technology of this culture has its own subtleties, because this plant is used to the sultry sun and a lot of heat. In the south, they can grow without restriction, and in hot countries many fruits can ripen, for this reason there is no need to regulate fruiting.

Walnut Salad - Proven Recipes. How to properly and tasty to prepare a salad with walnuts.

Salad with walnuts - the general principles of cooking Everyone who has ever seen a walnut, could not fail to note the surprising similarities with the human brain. Whether this game of nature is accidental or not, but the fact is obvious - walnut is very useful, and not only for the brain, but also for the whole organism. Man can not live without protein, so we eat meat, eggs, cottage cheese.

Chicken stew - you can’t spoil it! The best recipes and secrets of cooking vegetable stew with chicken and not only

Chicken and vegetables are a wonderful ensemble, from which amazingly stew is obtained. There are a lot of cooking options for this dish and everyone is worthy of attention. Indulge in vegetable stew with chicken? Chicken stew - the general principles of preparation The bird is washed before cooking the stew, then cut into pieces. If chicken with bones is used, then do not chop them, just cut them into joints.

Masks for different types of face whitening

Using the masks described below will even out the complexion, make freckles and pigment spots lighter, remove signs of fatigue and stress, get rid of spots that could appear from allergies or irritation. Regular use of masks will make the skin clean, well-groomed and beautiful, natural components in the composition of the mixtures will favorably affect the condition of the face, make it smoother and more elastic, give it youth and freshness.

Growing coreopsis: planting seeds on seedlings and in the soil, caring for seedlings and timing of planting on a flower bed. All methods of reproduction of coreopsis

Coreopsis flower is a perennial herb that resembles a chamomile or ornamental sunflower. The shrub is quite unpretentious, blooms to frost. Let's find out how to properly plant coreopsis so that it pleases the eye for many years. How to plant Coreopsis with seeds Growing Coreopsis from seeds is the easiest way that gardeners love.

Ksenia Sobchak became Alexey Venediktov

Ksenia Sobchak constantly surprises her fans. The TV presenter’s skill is known ironically, but not evil to laugh at others. The other day, Ksenia posted a photo in which she was depicted as a man. Fans of the presenter were easily recognized in the image presented at their court by the famous journalist, the editor-in-chief of Ekho Moskvy, Alexei Venediktov.